Lifestyle in Canada

Since then many immigration waves took place resulting in a diverse society with Muslims, Catholics, Protestants and many others. Nowadays Canadians live in one of the English or French-speaking major cities like Toronto, Vancouver or Quebec, which are worth a visit. The cultural diversity has also influenced the Canadian cuisine and the Canadian nightlife, which … Continue Reading

Who studies in Canada?

Compared to local students, international students comprise 6.5% of the student population in post-secondary education. Generally these students come from 173 countries around the globe. As the increase of international students over the past decade shows the Canadian government is quite willing to provide visas for international students. The chart illustrates the countries of origin. … Continue Reading

Salary outlay in Canada

Canada has a workforce of 17,768,800 and an average unemployment rate of 7.1%, which is shrinking. It is obvious that the average weekly earnings and unemployment varies amongst the provinces as listed below. Once again Alberta and British Columbia are the most favoured study destinations of international students. Employment Unemployment rate Average weekly earnings Alberta … Continue Reading

Economic outlay of Canada

However, its economic activity is mostly attributed to the large proportion of the services-sector, which occupies most of the labor force (71%).   General Statistics World Rank 11th GDP US$ 1.839 trillion GDP growth (2012) 1.80% Currency Canadian Dollar CAD Inflation 1.20% Population below poverty line 10.80% Unemployment rate 7.00%   Sectors and Occupation There … Continue Reading

Why study in Canada?

It is no wonder that more than 265.000 international students favour Canada as their study destination. However, there are plenty of other reasons why Canada can be your country.   Your degree Canadian Qualifications are recognized and valued around the World. Canada’s universities offer high class degrees. Your English or even French will improve because … Continue Reading

Cost of Living in Canada

Of course as a student you’re interested in the costs, so you can estimate how much money you need. To meet this, we provide you a brief overview about the average expenses of an international student. However, if you want to find out how much you exactly need, we recommend you to take a look … Continue Reading