Study Applied and Pure Sciences in New Zealand

With today’s developments and innovation, Applied and Pure Sciences is now more important than ever.

Each and every day there are new discoveries made around the world. Still, there is so much more to be learned and accomplished. The need for young people in the field of sciences continues to grow. The career prospects for this study are huge! From government agencies and institutions at home, to private research organisations around the globe, the need for professional scientists has never been more large. To get the best education possible, it is necessary to explore the very best institutions of higher learning. With some of the most reputable and well-known colleges and universities in the world are based in New Zealand, it is no wonder that many students wish to study there.

Eligibility Requirements

If you want to study applied and pure sciences in New Zealand, then you will want to be prepared of the requirements in order to do so. If you are a student coming from Malaysia, then one of the requirements is the completion of a proper secondary school course of study. When applying for a science related discipline, however, it is not enough to barely scrape by and earn a diploma. Universities in New Zealand will be looking for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma earned with a minimum of 65 percent. Beyond this, applicants will also want to work to take advanced math and science courses where offered, as this will result in an overall application that is viewed more favorably in the end.

You will also want to ensure that they meet minimum English language proficiency requirements. One way to do this is to attend an accredited English language program in your country. Graduates from such programs will demonstrate to universities in New Zealand that they have the English skills required to be successful in their program. Beyond that, to study applied and pure sciences in New Zealand, applicants can demonstrate their proficiency in the English language by achieving a minimum score of 6.0 on each band of the IELTS.

Cost of Studying Applied and Pure Sciences in New Zealand

Deciding to study abroad is most definitely a major decision, and there are many factors to consider. Financial considerations are often primary among these. Students will have many options where they can study applied and pure sciences in New Zealand. While prices can vary somewhat from region to region, it is generally expected that annual tuition costs will run in the neighborhood of $22,500 NZD at the undergraduate level. Add another $5,000 NZD or so on top of that for postgraduate diploma programs. In addition, remember to plan for miscellaneous course fees, travel expenses, and costs associated with housing and food.

It is a big step to study abroad, but it is certainly one that can enhance future career prospects.

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