Study Architecture, Building and Planning in Canada

Courses regarding architecture are extremely rival, where practical training takes place a lot, preparing students to reach to their fullest potential.

Some of the highest rated colleges in Canada now offer degree programs built around the concepts of architecture, building and planning. While these programs do include those designed for students who want to work as professional architects and construct buildings, the programs also include classes for students who want to work as urban and rural planners. Planners work in areas around the world and help the local government design new buildings, layout new roads and make changes to those cities. Look further into these programs before you start sending out your applications.

Canada features a number of both older and newer college campuses, including some campuses built in the 2000s. The reason that so many foreign and international students choose Canadian colleges is because of the number of opportunities available to them. Imagine enrolling in a college that lets you take drafting and design courses at the same time that you take classes on historic restorations and urban planning. Many of these colleges have international housing facilities as well that help you meet with other students from outside the country.

Eligibility Requirements

Proficiency in English is one of the more common requirements that Canadian schools have for international students. Though many schools will ask that you take an extensive class, others only require that you show you took a higher-level English course in high school. As many of these classes involve a high level of math skills, you’ll also need to show that you took a higher-level math course like trigonometry or advanced algebra. Several colleges in the country ask that students receive a grade of C or higher or the equivalent of that grade in both their math and English classes.


Cost to Study Architecture, Building and Planning in Canada

As a student moving away from your home to study in a foreign country, you probably have a few questions about how much it will cost to study in Canada. There are more than 10 colleges in the country that offer architecture, building and planning programs, and each of those programs has a different tuition cost. Though you may find a program that costs $7,000 or less for tuition alone, you’ll also need to pay to live on campus or for an apartment off campus. Some colleges may charge an additional tuition fee per semester for foreign students as well.

Though cost is important, the most important thing is that you find a program that matches your interests and future goals. Whether you want to study planning, building, architecture or a combination of all three topics, Canada has the right college for you.

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