Study Aviation in Australia


Globalisation has been increasing more and more for a few decades now and so has the love for travelling. Aviation is a degree that cannot be missed out these days.

A degree in Aviation provides a necessary edge for students hoping to build a successful and lasting career in flight and aeronautics based technology. Courses can be both rewarding and challenging, and studies will demand a tremendous amount of focus. However, undergraduates who complete their training are equipped with the tools and hands-on experience required to become competitive within the vast and changing aviation job market.

Why study Aviation in Australia?

The cultural diversity and desirable climate combined with a number of internationally recognized degree programmes make Australia one of the most sought after locations for international students interested in studying Aviation. Among Australia’s 1,200 institutes, eight are rank in the top 100 best schools worldwide. With nearly 50 percent of its population born outside the country, Australia is regarded as one of the most diverse countries in the world and seems naturally cultivated for students entering from abroad. Its climate stays mostly tropical and moderately warm near the coastal areas, perfect weather for aspiring pilots, and Australia’s engineering and technology based study programmes are among the most respected in the world.

Eligibility for Admission to Study Aviation in Australia

Many students who apply to study aviation in Australia list flight experience, such as flying hours, on their applications. Although it is not required, many schools recommend previous flight experience as a way of gaining an edge over other applicants. For degrees that focus on aeronautics, schools tend to favour students who have taken advanced maths and physics courses. Students applying to study in Australia must pass a standardized English literacy exam such as IELTS, and many aviation programmes require previous coursework or certification from a recognized post-secondary institute.

Cost of studying Aviation in Australia

Studying aviation in Australia can be not only overwhelmingly extensive work, but also costly, especially for students planning to become pilots. Aviation degree programmes typically span a period of three years, with cost starting at AUD$22,500 per year. Additional pilot lessons, if necessary, start at AUD$15,000 and can climb to more than AUD$30,000 for the entire course. Australia spends more than AUD$200,000,000 annually to facilitate international students, and between financial aid and the large number of scholarships available, individuals planning to study in Australia will find endless opportunities for educational funding.

Students planning to live on campus with a roommate should expect to pay between AUD$120 and AUD$250 for housing each month and an additional AUD$60 for phone service and utilities. Since housing arrangements are set up through the study abroad program, students who take the proper measures will transition will likely transition with ease.

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