Study Computer Science and Information Technology in Singapore

Computer Science will teach you everything about applications, software, and programs while information technology teaches how to use and control those things

One may ask the question; why study Computer Science and Information Technology in Singapore? Well, Singapore has six national universities including the National University of Singapore, which is ranked in the global top ten for computer science. Its leadership in this field allows for students to be strong competitors in the workforce. Since Singapore has such strong supremacy in their education system, employers all across the world actively seek out their graduates. In an age where there are fewer jobs available for students, Singapore’s graduates do not have that problem.

Eligibility Requirements

Since Singapore has one of the top education systems in the world, colleges there are not the easiest to get into. That does not mean it is impossible, though. In order to be accepted into Singapore’s colleges one must get over a 97% score on their CBSE boards. Those who wish to apply as a graduate student must have a good honors or bachelor’s degree. International students wanting to attend graduate school in Singapore must also submit their GRE scores and have a minimum score of 320 (verbal and quantitative) and a minimum score of 3.5.

Cost of Studying Computer Science and Information Technology in Singapore

For those who are wondering about the cost to Study Computer Science and Information Technology in Singapore, the tuition fees are actually less than other Asian nations. For international students, there are countless scholarships and grants available.

The cost of living is higher in Singapore than other countries, but there is still cheap public transportation for students to get to and from the amazing Changi Airport. International students who need a little more financial help can also work full time or part time between terms without a work permit. Housing offices also help all students find affordable housing for the academic year since finding cheap housing in Singapore is a challenge.

Overall, Singapore may seem like an expensive place to live, but it is only expensive for those who do not put in effort to find all the cheap amenities and scholarships that are available.

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