Study MBA in Germany

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Getting an MBA degree is one of the most popular higher degree options for business students in this day and age. And, in the ever-expanding global economy, it might be worthwhile to check out programs in one of the strongest economies in the world: Germany. By studying for your MBA in Germany, not only will you have a wealth of cultural heritage to soak in, but you will also find yourself in the center of one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world. There are sure to be opportunities to grow and learn from visiting the important German financial institutions here, especially if you are interested in getting into the European markets. So, if you have any interest in European policy, banking, finance, or even culture, you should consider looking into getting your MBA in Germany.

German degrees have always been highly regarded by employers. Germany has a long history of delivering top-quality education to its students. Also, you will certainly not be the only foreigner on your campus. Germany is a very popular destination for students from all around the world, and generally about 12% of the university population comes from outside of Deutschland. Most German universities will help you get acquainted with the new culture through well-established buddy programs. There are some universities that do offer English courses, so if you can’t speak a word of German you can still go to Germany to study. Also, of course, you will be able to strengthen your German speaking and written abilities while there.


Eligibility Requirements

You will generally need a BA in a business or finance related field to study for an MBA in Germany. You must check if the particular course you are looking into is offered in German or English. If your courses will be in German, you need to show proficiency through a Foreign Language Test. For English courses, you need to show proficiency on a TOEFL test, for example. Some business courses do require you to take a GMAT, and some universities have entry level testing. Also, be sure to highlight any related work experience and extracurricular activities to enhance your odds of getting accepted to your university of choice.


Cost of Studying MBA in Germany

In terms of studying in the West, Germany is a less expensive option for an MBA than the UK or USA in most cases. However, that does not necessarily mean Germany is cheap. A total cost for an MBA program, including living fees, is estimated by to be around $90,000. Of course Germany does offer many scholarships, and the final cost will ultimately depend on what university you are looking into.

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