Study Sports Science in China

Sport has created a huge impact on the lives of thousands of people. Not only in the professional sport industry, but in the fitness sector as well

If there is one country in the world that is eager about sports, it is China. Starting with its international introduction with the 2008 Beijing Olympics where it won the most gold medals of any country, China has proven itself willing to invest time, human capital, and–most of all–money to sports and athletic excellence. Some of the world’s premier athletes call China home, such as retired basketball player Yao Ming, tennis player Li Na, hurdler Liu Xiang, and many other gold medal winners. With all the resources China is willing to invest in sports and athletics, it is clearly a hotspot to Study Sports Science in China.

With over 4% of its national gross domestic product spent on education yearly, China has the world’s largest education system, including a premier system of higher education. With over thirty universities ranked amongst the QS Top World Universities 2016, China’s meteoric rise in educational prestige is unprecedented. Along with overall academic excellence, China has a particularly sterling reputation for health sciences and physiology, with Tu Youyou winning a Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology last year. With both the demand and training for sports science, international students should strongly consider China as a destination for their university education. China’s plethora of programs to Study Sports Science in China makes it the ideal setting to obtain the skills necessary to work with athletes and train the best of the best.


Eligibility Requirements

International applicants to Chinese universities must hold either a student or visitor visa and have no prior criminal record. It is also necessary to obtain the permission of the Chinese government to study in China. Beyond these general requirements, individual universities usually require language ability in either Mandarin Chinese, English, or both. It is recommended that students receive at least two or three years of secondary instruction in these languages before applying. Each school will also have different academic requirements, but Chinese nationals generally rely on the National Higher Education Entrance Examination; but the equivalent in a student’s home country is generally accepted.


Cost of Studying Sports Science in China

Tuition at a Chinese university generally runs from $2,000 to $4,000 an academic year, which is much more affordable than in countries like the United Kingdom or the United States, which can be upwards of ten or even twenty times the price. The cost of living in China, on average, is $700 to $800 a month in urban areas and much less outside of the major cities. With that said, it is possible to live an entire range of lifestyles in China, which offers the world’s most luxurious accommodations as well as the most basic depending on your needs and financial situation. However, comparable conditions in the United States of America or Europe are almost categorically more expensive.

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