The Australian Identity Debate – A Different Lens

The Australian Identity Debate – A Different Lens

What is Australia’s national identity? As the country evolves from its European settlement
roots, new generations of immigrants are arriving from Asia, changing our cultural make-up.
Meanwhile, Indigenous Australians still live with a sense of pain, particularly surrounding
Australia Day and the lack of true reconciliation. These are just some of the issues making us
question who we are and what we stand for.

This episode of ‘A Different Lens’ investigates Australia’s ever-evolving national character,
how divisions are holding us back, and what we can do to work together and move forward
as one.

Produced by Monash University

Professor Margaret Gardner AO
President and Vice-Chancellor
Monash University

Professor Jacinta Elston
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous)
Monash University

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture
Dr. Brian Martin

Faculty of Arts
Professor Graeme Davison
Professor Alistair Thomson

Faculty of Education
Dr. David Bright

Faculty of Law
Associate Professor Luke Beck
Associate Professor Melissa Castan

Music by Dg Music
Animation by Jumbla
Audio Post Production Baxter Sound
Directed by Hayden Gregory

Produced by Monash University In Partnership With Y&R ANZ

A Different Lens

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