Study Law in Singapore

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the employment of lawyers will increase with 6% by 2024. A perfect opportunity to choose a course in Law.

Earning a university degree is the dream and ambition of many young people across the world. Perhaps you are considering a course of study abroad. If so, Singapore is certainly a great place to look at, and it has the added benefit of being close to home.

Both domestic and international law are emerging fields throughout the world. Lawyers are in demand by both public and private agencies. Studying in Singapore will give you the benefits of a world class education that is highly sought after by employers across the globe. Those you present it to will respect your degree, and you will immediately be competitive within the job market upon graduation.

Eligibility Requirements

To be admitted to a university in Singapore, you will need to have a solid academic and personal background. The school that you apply to will be looking at your complete application when basing their decision, so be sure to be as involved in your school and community as possible.
Academically, you will need to complete a minimum of two A-Level subjects that contain a general paper. These will both need to be completed in one sitting. If you do not have this option available to you, then you can also earn an International Baccalaureate Diploma, as that will demonstrate you have what it takes to succeed at the university level. It is also possible for you to take that SAT or ACT exam and have that score considered as well. It will help complete your application and give the review committee a more accurate picture of who you are as a potential student.

As far as the English language goes, you will need to sit for a General English Exam during the first year of your study in Singapore. If you do not achieve the minimum passing score, then you will be asked to sit for up to three additional English lesson modules before being allowed to go much further at the university level. These courses do not count as credit towards your degree.

Cost of Studying Law in Singapore

You will need to be prepared for cost of studying in Singapore. If you are able to receive a grant for the Ministry of Education, then the fee as an international student will be roughly $26,500 Singapore Dollars. If you do not have a grant, then you will need to cover $37,750 Singapore Dollars in annual tuition expenses. On top of this, remember to account for additional course fees, food and housing costs, and any travel related expenses that you might occur.

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    Study law related course in Singapore, i think it is the best option for anyone because of Singapore is one of the best place to study abroad. Thanks for this valuable education information, subscribed your blog.

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