Economic outlay of Canada

However, its economic activity is mostly attributed to the large proportion of the services-sector, which occupies most of the labor force (71%).


General Statistics
World Rank 11th
GDP US$ 1.839 trillion
GDP growth (2012) 1.80%
Currency Canadian Dollar CAD
Inflation 1.20%
Population below poverty line 10.80%
Unemployment rate 7.00%


Sectors and Occupation

There are several industries you can work in after you graduate. The country’s main sector is services which occupies the majority of the labor force (71%). However, the countries main industries are listed below.


Main Sectors


The main industries in the services-sector and industries-sector are:

Services (71 %) Industry (27.1 %)
Retail sector Transportation equipment
Financial services Chemicals
Real estate Processed and unprocessed materials
Communication industries Food products
Education and health industries Wood and paper products
High Tech industries Fish products
Entertainment industries Petroleum and natural gas


Ten Largest companies in Canada

Many of the Canadian companies are successful. The biggest of them are listed below. In case you’re interested in working at one of these, don’t hesitate to find out which university provides the appropriate course to study. You find a list of Canadian universities here.

  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Toronto-Dominion Bank
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Imperial Oil
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • Suncor Energy
  • BCE Inc.
  • Canadian National Railway
  • Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan


Trading activites

The economic performance is also reflected in the strength of the Canadian dollar, whose exchange rate is nearly 1:1 to the US$. Canada sends 75% of its exports to the US. This illustrates that Canada benefits from its strong neighbour, resulting in an economic growth of 1.8% in 2012.


Imports and Exports

Most traded goods

Imported goods Exported goods
Machinery and equipment Motor vehicles and parts
Motor vehicles and parts Industrial machinery
Crude oil Aircraft
Chemicals Telecommunications equipment
Electricity Chemicals
Durable consumer goods Plastics
Wood pulp
Crude petroleum
Natural gas

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