Salary outlay in Germany

Salary outlay in Germany

European Services the German branch has requested applications from Spanish engineers, medics, teachers and tourism professionals. Other skilled workers, who speak German, can also apply. There are many students from Spain shifting to Germany due to the increase in the unemployment rate in Spain.


Graduate’s Estimated Salaries

Sales Administrative 2,056 EUR
Customer Services 2,150 EUR
Food/Hospitality/Tourism 2,417 EUR 
Health and Medical 2,681 EUR
Consulting/ Building/Installation 3,000 EUR
Quality Control 3,583 EUR
Accounting and Finance 4,057 EUR
Manufacturing 5,194 EUR

This table shows you roughly, how much a fresh graduate can achieve to get working in one of these positions.  But the salary might also vary depending on the company .In Germany graduates can aim for a higher salary because they know that their skills will be valued and they will be paid fairly.

If students can adapt the language skills they will be open to all job opportunities and they can apply and have such a wide range of options for their future, with well-paid salaries.

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