Salary outlay in Ireland

Furthermore, Ireland’s indigenous entrepreneurs continue to drive the country’s innovative direction with a number of start-ups generating exciting new employment opportunities. The European Commission has also predicted that Ireland may experience economic expansion by the end of 2013. If the economic is expanding, that automatically will lead to growth and due to that there will be more vacancies for people in many sectors.

Ireland has been ranked as the fifth ‘Best to Invest’ Nation in Western Europe in 2012 by International magazine Site Selection. Ireland is followed by the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy with Dublin topping the charts in terms of metropolitan areas. The publication regulates its criteria for attractive investment locations based on business environment, business risks, foreign direct investment, infrastructure and expanded facilities. Students interested in getting a job in any of the industries related to these fields shouldn’t have a problem being employed in Ireland. 


Starting Salaries for Graduates in Ireland

Accountancy and financial management € 22,500
Banking, insurance and financial services € 25,000
Construction, built environment and property € 24,700
Engineering and manufacturing € 30,000
HR, recruitment and training € 25,000
Law, legal services and patents € 26,000
IT and telecoms € 29,000
Management consulting € 30,000
Marketing, advertising and media € 26,000
Science, research and development € 25,000


The table above shows the estimated salary of different jobs in different departments. These jobs are just a coarse figure. There are many elements that have to be considered depending on the company, the persons experience and much more but this is the estimated salary of diverse jobs for fresh graduates. Students have a good a reason and an opportunity to start in Ireland since Ireland may experience economic expansion.

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