Salary outlay in Singapore

Singapore is rated by the World Bank as one of the number one places to start a business. It has a fantastic business or a job environment.  Many people from the UK prefer doing a business in Singapore because English is the common language and also the common English law is followed.

There are many different companies running business such as the construction business, the financial business and the professional business.

There is a high possibility for students graduating in these areas or fields to apply for a job in Singapore.

Accounting and Finance Department

Financial Director 15000-20000 SGD 11000-15700 USD
Financial Manger 10000-15000 SGD 7867-11000 USD
Accountant 4000-7000 SGD 3150-5500 USD
Tax Manger 6000-12000 SGD 4720-9440 USD
Consultant 3000-4000 SGD 2360-3146 USD


Banking and Finance Department

Banking Auditor 2000-3000 SGD 1600-2360 USD
Compliance Officer 2800-3600 SGD 2200-2800 USD
Personal Financial Consultant 3000-4000 SGD 2360-3150 USD
Banking operations 2200-3300 SGD 1730-2600 USD


Engineering and Technical Department

Planning Manager 6000-9000 SGD 4720-7080 USD
Process Engineer 3500-5000 SGD 2750-3930 USD
Production Engineer 3000-5000 SGD 2360-3930 USD
Project Engineer 4000-7000 SGD 3146-5500 USD


Health and Life Science Department

Medical Consultant 15000-20000 SGD 11000-15734 USD
Geriatrician 15000-22000 SGD 11000-17308 USD
Specialist 12000-20000 SGD 9440-15734 USD
Radiologist 2200-4500 SGD 1730-3540 USD
Medical writer 3000-4000 SGD 2360-3146 USD


Estimated Salaries of Different Employees in Diverse departments, this chart will just give you an idea on roughly the salary figures of graduates and some other experienced employees. There are many detailed surveys done on the salary outlay but this is a random and a general one for you to get an idea of the situation.

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