Study Accounting and Finance in Germany

Germany is the fourth most popular country for people studying abroad. One characteristic that sets this country apart for international students is that people from all over the world flock to Germany to study. Universities are culturally diverse and support their international students.

A degree in Accounting and Finance is a useful tool worldwide. Finance, economics, and accounting are three of the top ten careers in business. People who hold this degree can be successful, whether they decide to stay in Germany, move back home, or continue to travel the world.

Eligibility Requirements

Anyone who wants to study in Germany must have a valid visa, proof of financial sources, and proof of health insurance. You will need to show these documents at your German university, and you may need to show these documents at the airport when you arrive in the country.

German universities require students to take a university entrance qualification examination. You may have taken a similar test after finishing secondary school in your respective country. Check with your secondary school to find out if your scores will be accepted in Germany. In some cases, students may still have to take the university entrance qualification examination to study in Germany. Some German universities also prefer their international students take an aptitude test to predict how likely they are to finish their degrees.

Oh and by the way, proficiency in German is not required since many courses are taught in English.

Cost of Studying Accounting and Finance in Germany

You have many options when it comes to studying Accounting and Finance in this country. You can pursue a bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, or a Master’s degree. Typically, the higher the level, the more expensive the program. Two-week summer courses are available as well, and these summer courses are often under EUR 1k per term.

Students should also remember that Germany is generous with scholarships. The German Academic Exchange Service gives money to numerous international students every year.

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