Study Accounting and Finance in the United States

If you are interested in money, and keeping track of it, then there are numerous careers in accounting related fields just calling out your name. With businesses around the world continuing to expand their reach, drawing the global community even closer together, there is an increased need for young professionals who understand the world of accounting and finance. You might desire to pursue such a course of study outside your country, so here is some good news for you: many of the top universities and colleges are located in the United States!

Eligibility Requirements

If you wish to study Accounting and Finance in the United States, then there are a few things you should know of. Once you have narrowed down your list of possible choices to three or four, begin by knowing that nearly every school will expect you to have a high school diploma. The key is to earn good grades throughout your time abroad. Most schools in the United States will be looking for a minimum GPA of 3.0, which is equivalent to a solid ‘B’ average.

It is also important that you begin preparing for an English exam, as you will need to demonstrate your proficiency in the language . This requirement is generally met by earning a minimum score of 6.0 on each band of the IELTS exam, or a minimum overall score of 565 on the TOEFL. You will also want to keep in the back of your mind that some colleges will want to test your English ability for themselves, usually in verbal fashion, prior to granting you full admission. Remember that you want to get as strong as you can in English, as all instruction will take place in this language.

Cost of Studying Accounting and Finance in the United States

Now that you know about all of the admission requirements, it is important to begin planning for the expenses. Business related courses of study in the United States are not cheap by comparison, but this is certainly a worthwhile investment for your future. While every school differs somewhat in their fee structure, the current average cost for an international student in America is just under US$ 50,000 per year. This amount includes tuition, course fees, food, housing, travel expenses, and any unexpected items that you will need to purchase along the way.

The important thing is to begin the planning process early. Apply to a few universities and colleges that you are really interested in attending, have everything lined up ahead of time, and then enjoy an effective transition to your life as a student in America.

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