Study Agriculture and Related Subjects in Germany

The world is counting on agriculture to produce more nutritious food for a booming population, especially the poor. What could be more meaningful than being part of a proven solution to such a critical challenge?

There are many reasons to study agriculture and related subjects in Germany. Germany presents many opportunities that are not available at home. Higher education is a way to change your life for the better, and studying in Germany is a strong choice that will open opportunities you never thought imaginable.

You might be asking, why study agriculture and related subjects in Germany? Germany has a large variety of programs to choose from, an aspect that makes it very appealing.

Eligibility Requirements

There are varying requirements for universities in Germany. To be eligible for admission in all of these programs you must have transcripts proving your University Entrance Qualifications. This means making sure that all needed papers and transcripts are include in applications. Many of these universities also require a language certificate that proves proficiency in English. Check the university you’re specifically interested in to learn which certificates are permitted. Some will not require knowing English but will require knowing German instead. Some of these programs require student to have prior internship experience before applying.

Cost of Studying Agriculture and Related Subjects in Germany

These programs range in cost, usually from $181 EEA to $308 EEA per semester. Most, if not all, students are eligible to apply for scholarships that will offset the cost of living in Germany while studying. Making sure to apply for scholarships you’re eligible for is one good way to keep avenues for further financial aid open.


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