Study Agriculture and Related Subjects in Singapore

The world is counting on agriculture to produce more nutritious food for a booming population, especially the poor. What could be more meaningful than being part of a proven solution to such a critical challenge?

If you are just now thinking about where you would like to earn your college degree, going abroad may very well enter into the conversation. While there are many great universities located throughout the world, some of the top institutions of higher education in Asia are in Singapore. This location also has the added advantage of being closer to home, while still providing one of the most sought after international degree programs around the globe.

This is a field that has enormous potential for growth, and careers are possible throughout Asia and the rest of the world. There are several great programs on offer in Singapore, each of which will provide you with a broad educational background that will make you competitive as you enter the job market upon graduation.

Eligibility Requirements

Universities in Singapore generally consider each admission application separately. This means that they consider a broad spectrum of factors in making their decision, so you will want to be as well rounded as possible. This begins with completing a minimum of two A-Level subjects that contain a general paper. The courses must be completed in one sitting. If your secondary school does not offer A-Level courses, then you can opt to sit for the International Baccalaureate Diploma. It would also be helpful to take either the SAT or ACT exam. The university that you apply to will look at the scores and use that as one of the factors upon which to base their decision.

The university that you choose to attend will also require you to sit for a general English competency exam during your first year of studies.

Cost of Studying Agriculture and Related Subjects in Singapore

As you consider going abroad to study, you will want to make sure you are prepared for the cost. Singaporean universities are open to international students, but you must first demonstrate that you are able to pay tuition and other related costs. That begins with the current annual tuition fee of $17,100 Singapore Dollars. The typical course of study will take three to four years to complete. You will also want to remember to plan for additional course fees, housing and food costs, and your travel expenses.


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