Study Applied and Pure Sciences in Germany

With today’s developments and innovation, Applied and Pure Sciences is now more important than ever.

Applied and Pure Sciences lead to numerous well-paid job opportunities. Anyone would be lucky to study this subject, and people are lining up to study the subject in Germany. Germans take education seriously. As a result, if you study Applied and Pure Sciences in this country, you will work in world-class facilities. German universities also have a strong reputation worldwide. Whether you decide to stay in Germany, return to your home country, or move elsewhere, a degree from Germany will carry a lot of weight.

Germany has become one of the top countries for international students. They provide many courses taught in English, as well as German; and they are generous with scholarships. They welcome international students and want to give them wonderful experiences.

Eligibility Requirements

Speaking German is not required to attend university in Germany. Most international courses are taught in English.

All international students will need a valid visa, residence permit, proof of health insurance, and proof of financial resources. You will have to show these documents when you arrive at your university, as well as at the airport upon entry in Germany.

Most German universities require a university entrance qualification examination. You may have taken a similar exam when you finished secondary school in your respective country. If this is the case, contact your secondary school or your German university to find out if your test scores will transfer. Some students may need to take the German version of this test to qualify.

Cost of Studying Applied and Pure Sciences in Germany

German universities make it very affordable to study Applied and Pure Sciences at multiple levels. Certain universities provide free tuition to undergraduate students. Some masters programs charge as little as EUR 234 per year. Other prestigious universities charge higher tuition, but prospective students should remember that Germany often gives generous scholarships to international students.

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