Study Applied and Pure Sciences in Singapore

With today’s developments and innovation, Applied and Pure Sciences is now more important than ever.

If you are considering where to attend university, then you are to be applauded for making this first step. This is a decision that will alter the course of your life. It will not only open your eyes to a whole world that you are about to enter, but it will enhance your future career options as well. If you are in the place now to be thinking of this as you complete your schooling, you might very well consider going abroad to pursue your university degree.

One of the emerging fields around the world lies in the applied and pure sciences. The developments and advances that society has enjoyed in the past few decades pales in comparison to what can be. Public and private agencies are hiring new professionals who carry with them a passion to excel and achieve in the sciences. Singapore has some of the best universities in all of Asia, and the world. You will learn in modern facilities and under the guidance of experienced professors.

Eligibility Requirements

If your secondary school offers an A Level course of study, then make sure that you take a minimum of two different subjects. Each one will need to have a general paper component, and you will need to take both in one sitting. It is also useful to have an International Baccalaureate Diploma. If this is not available to you, then consider taking either the SAT or ACT exam. The university that you apply to will take into account these scores, combined with the other merits of your application, when making their decision.

Universities in Singapore will expect you to sit for a General English Exam during your first year of study. If you do not earn a satisfactory mark on that exam, then you should expect to be asked to take up to three additional English lesson modules, so be prepared for that as well. Keep in mind that these modules do not count as credit towards your degree. If you have time now, begin studying English as hard as you can so that you fulfill the requirements immediately upon entry. This will enable you to enjoy your experience abroad even more.

Cost of Studying Applied and Pure Sciences in Singapore

Singapore has set fairly standardized tuition rates throughout the nation, and this includes for international students as well. The current annual tuition rate to study in a non-pharmaceutical program in Singapore is $17,100 Singapore Dollars. You will demonstrate that you have this amount before being formally admitted. In addition, do remember to plan for your travel expenses, lodging and food, and any miscellaneous course fees that you might incur.

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