Study Architecture Building and Planning in New Zealand

Courses regarding architecture are extremely rival, where practical training takes place a lot, preparing students to reach to their fullest potential.

The possibility of studying abroad is appealing to many students. While there are certainly many great institutions of higher education throughout this Southeast Asian nation, the opportunity to learn in an English setting can certainly serve to enhance future career prospects. As the global population continues to increase at an exponential rate, new buildings are being erected, and existing ones are in need of a bit of modernization. All of these various projects require new and experienced professionals to design and execute construction-based endeavors, which means that a higher degree of education is necessary. Many of the top programs in this field are abroad. If you are a student that desires to study architecture, building and planning in New Zealand, you will want to begin planning now to make sure that you fulfill various admission requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

Since successful completion of a degree program in this field requires an extensive mathematical background, students can prepare themselves by doing well by taking advanced courses during secondary school. There are many universities throughout New Zealand that offer architectural based programs, but there are strict requirements for entry. These can be satisfied in a number of different ways, such as completing an Australian Secondary Certificate of Education, earning a qualification with a minimum overall score of 69.6. Another way is to earn a General Certificate of Education at the Advanced Level. To study architecture, building and planning in New Zealand you have to pass a minimum of three A-Level subjects with at least a ā€˜Cā€™ average.

You will also need to demonstrate a certain level of English language proficiency in order to gain admission to a New Zealand based university. This is usually satisfied when students earn a passing score of 6.0 or higher on each strand of the IELTS exam. But the higher the score, the better is the chance of getting accepted.

Cost of Studying Architecture Building and Planning in New Zealand

If you want to study architecture, building and planning in New Zealand, then you will also want to plan for the expenses of completing a degree program abroad. While each university in New Zealand has a slightly different fee structure, the average annual tuition cost for an undergraduate degree in this field is just over $25,000 NZD. Postgraduate diploma programs will be slightly higher. In addition, remember to account for miscellaneous course fees, housing and food related expenses, and costs associated with travel.

This is a most important decision, and one that will impact the rest of your life. A university education is an investment into your future, so begin the planning process now and work hard to attain your goals and objectives.


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