Study Architecture, Building and Planning in Singapore

Courses regarding architecture are extremely rival, where practical training takes place a lot, preparing students to reach to their fullest potential.

The number of buildings going up around the world is rather staggering if you stop to think about it. An emerging field as a result is that of architecture, building and planning. This is a potentially rewarding career with lots of possibilities.

Singaporean universities have an excellent reputation around the world. They are top in Asia, and they are recognized by employers the world over. The quality of life in the country is very high, and the opportunities available to you immediately upon graduation will be immediately noticeable. The field that you are studying is important, as is the university that you earn your degree from.


Eligibility Requirements

As you plan to study in Singapore, remember to take your academic performance in secondary school seriously. This will form part of your application, and your achievements will be taken into account as a decision is made. At minimum, Singaporean universities would like you to have completed two A-Level courses, each with a general paper requirement. Keep in mind that they must be completed in one sitting. In addition, another option that is accepted in Singapore is the International Baccalaureate Diploma. If neither of those are offered to you at your school, then you will want to take either the SAT or ACT exam. Score as high as you can so that your score will enable your application to be viewed more favorably.

As you enter the university in Singapore as an international student, you will be asked to sit for a General English Examination during the first year of study. If you are not able to earn an acceptable mark on the exam, then you may be asked to take up to three additional modules in the English Language. These modules will not earn credit for you towards your degree, so you want to keep that in mind. It is helpful to begin practicing your English early on in your Secondary School years in order to be prepared for a successful transition abroad.


Cost of Studying Architecture, Building and Planning in Singapore

The annual tuition fee to study in this discipline is roughly $17,100 Singapore Dollars for students who have a grant from the Ministry of Education. If you are not in possession of such a grant, plan on an annual fee of about $25,500 Singapore Dollars. The university that you attend will likely want to see evidence that you are capable of covering this fee and for taking care of yourself while abroad. Remember to also plan for miscellaneous course fees, housing and food costs, and your travel expenses.

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