Study Aviation in China

Globalisation has been increasing more and more for a few decades now and so has the love for travelling. Aviation is a degree that cannot be missed out these days.

Students who want to study aviation techniques in China have taken the first step into a rapidly growing field. While most people think of aviation as a course of study that turns students into airline pilots, there are actually countless jobs in the field. Pilots do often earn aviation degrees, but so do aircraft mechanics and flight instructors. Even people who work in certain administrative positions need training in the field. Smaller airlines and flight schools are constantly looking for personnel as well, which means that these degrees could be quite valuable for students.


Aviation schools in China are pushing the envelope with their research. It is an excellent place to get involved with state-of-the-art technology that most students wouldn’t have an opportunity to work with. A number of special universities have opened up in the country over the years as well. These colleges specifically focus on aviation training. The Civil Aviation Flight University of China is one of the largest institutions for flight training in the world, and the Lanzhou Aviation Technology University has received a number of prominent international awards. Chinese institutions maintain good connections with aircraft manufacturers, which helps to give students hands on experience in the field.


Eligibility Requirements


Authorities from the Civil Aviation Administration of China have set basic requirements for all students studying aviation techniques in the country. Most of these requirements apply equally to all students regardless of what country they’re from. Students will need to have an academic transcript that proves they meet the academic requirements of the individual school that they’re applying to. Civil authorities have given individual colleges some leeway in terms of these requirements.


Students must submit a copy of their HSK certificate as well as their score. Those who did not take the HSK will have to apply for a waiver. All students will have to demonstrate some level of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese even if they’re granted a waiver. Applicants also have to submit two academic recommendation letters from professors stating that they’re responsible enough for an advanced aviation program.


Cost of Studying Aviation in China


Tuition and fees at Chinese aviation institutes are very similar across the board. Legislators set costs on a national level in most cases. Undergraduate programs usually cost approximately RMB15,000 per semester. Graduate aviation courses generally cost around RMB22,000 each semester. Schools are free to set their own registration costs, but these are seldom more than RMB400 per semester. These price controls have made Chinese aviation schools very attractive to foreign students. They’re among the most affordable in the world, which is one of the reasons that they’re quickly becoming so popular with students from around the world.

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