Study Aviation in New Zealand

Globalisation has been increasing more and more for a few decades now and so has the love for travelling. Aviation is a degree that cannot be missed out these days.

With the global population continuing to boom, the desire to fly is more evident as of today. With air traffic increasing at a rapid rate throughout Asia, in addition to Europe and beyond, there is a growing need for young professionals to enter the aviation field. This is a highly sought after and potential career field, and employers do consider the educational institution that applicants attended when making hiring decisions. Some of the best programs in the world are offered in New Zealand. If you are currently a student interested in any aspect of the aviation industry, then you might want to consider studying abroad.

Eligibility Requirements

An increasing number of young people desire to study aviation in New Zealand. If you fall into this category, then you are certainly to be commended for taking your education so seriously. At the same time, you will want to be prepared in order to make your application for admission as competitive as possible. Begin by taking a number of advanced math and science courses while in secondary school. Universities in New Zealand will want to see the results of your diploma, and they will be looking for a minimum passing score in at least 3 discipline specific courses. Work as hard as you can to get even more than minimum marks in order to attend the most sought after schools.

Not only is English the language of aviation, but it is also the medium of instruction throughout New Zealand. Because of this, students will need proof for their proficiency in the English language. You can do this in a number of ways, but of course the most well known is to achieve a passing score on the IELTS exam. To study aviation in New Zealand, students will want to earn a minimum overall score 6.0 on each band of the exam in order to have their application be considered favorably.

Cost of Studying Aviation in New Zealand

Studying abroad can be rather expensive, but with proper planning you can make it work. The annual tuition costs are around $22,000 NZD, but there are certainly scholarships and grants you can pursue. This is for an undergraduate program. If you wish to continue for a postgraduate diploma, then you will want to add roughly $5,000 NZD to that total. Remember to also plan for additional course related fees, housing and food related expenses, and the cost of traveling.

This is a big decision, and is one that will impact your professional life. Plan well, study hard, and embrace the journey as you prepare to study aviation in New Zealand.

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