Study Aviation in the United Kingdom

Globalisation has been increasing more and more for a few decades now and so has the love for travelling. Aviation is a degree that cannot be missed out these days.

Today, more than ever before, having a college education is vital to experiencing a successful career. There is no shortage of academic areas of study to pursue, and one of the most exciting and most rewarding areas of study is aviation. If you are interested in aviation, there are many universities in the United Kingdom and around the world that offer exciting degrees in this field.

Why study aviation in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is steadily growing a desirable reputation for international students who wish to study abroad. Today, the United Kingdom is second only to the United States in number of foreign students. Below are just a few of the reasons students of many countries come to study in the United Kingdom

  • Travel to the European mainland is relatively inexpensive, so foreign students can easily and affordably tour much of the continent.
  • The United Kingdom is a diverse country culturally and ethnically, with strong cultural centres for many religions.
  • The UK allows for foreign students to engage in up to 20 hours of work study a week.
  • By far the best reason to study in the UK, however, is the quality of education you will receive. The United Kingdom is known world-wide for their excellent academic standards and for the impressive achievements of their students, as well as the quality of their professors and educational institutions.

Eligibility for admission to study aviation in the United Kingdom

Obtaining eligibility to study in the UK is not difficult. Thousands of students come from China, India, Malaysia and all over the world to study aviation, medicine and a variety of other critical subjects. The individual eligibility requirements for each college and university differ somewhat, so you will have to enquire for each institution’s specific requirements.

Cost of studying aviation in United Kingdom

Although individual costs vary from one university to another, universities in the United Kingdom average about 50% less than universities in the United States, which is a tremendous savings. Several institutions which offer degrees in aviation are listed below.

  • Macclesfield College – £8,000/year
  • The University of Salford – £13,050/year
  • City University London – £4,500/year

The individual degrees offered by these three universities cover a wide variety of aviary fields. It should be noted that there are many more universities that offer aviation programs in the United States, although the cost is likely to be significantly higher.

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