Study Business and Management in China

The world’s largest economy is quickly becoming the center of international trade and business. China’s population of 1.4 billion, cultural significance, influence in Asia, and strong economic growth have made it increasingly important to be fluent in both the Chinese language and culture in order to succeed in the increasingly interconnected world of international business. Just about every business transaction nowadays can at some point be traced back to a Chinese company or billionaire mogul. Without a strong education at a top ranked Chinese university and the networks built in that time, it will be difficult to penetrate this extremely popular market.

Thousands of international students are already in places like Shanghai and Beijing to study Business and Management in China, grasping the importance of learning a sense of easy with Chinese people and Chinese business leaders. Taking places in world-class institutions like Tsinghua University and Peking University, these students are meeting and studying with the best in China and forming the relationships that will be important to them later when they begin their business ventures. With the Chinese language in their back pockets, these students will have an advantage in conducting business all over Asia.

China’s influence is increasingly felt in continental Asia, as its economic grip has overtaken both Japan and South Korea as the single most dominating economic force across Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Koreas. A chance to study Business and Management in China means a ticket into each of these markets with an internationally recognized degree from a QS Top World Universities ranked school.


Eligibility Requirements

Admission to business and management programs in China is very selective. Owing to the demand both amongst Chinese citizens and students from abroad, it will require immaculate grades and a highly standardized exam score to be admitted into one of these top ranked universities. Fluency in English and Mandarin Chinese are a must for would-be international business people. These can be demonstrated by the HSK, an official state sanctioned exam to test Mandarin Chinese ability, and an English language exam like the TOEFL. It is clear that language ability and people skills are both necessary to success in business, so it is no surprise that some business and management programs also require a face-to-face or Skype interview.


Cost of Studying Business and Management in China

After being admitted to a Chinese university, obtaining a student or visitor visa to China is not difficult for a number of nationalities such as a Malaysian national, as the Chinese government values its Malaysian international student body. However, prepare to pay the international rate of tuition at these schools, which an range from between $2000 to $4000 per academic year, plus additional cost of living expenses, which may vary according to one’s lifestyle and location within China. Urban areas tend to be much more expensive than rural areas.

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