Study Computer Science and IT in the United States

Computer Science will teach you everything about applications, software, and programs while information technology teaches how to use and control those things

Innovation is everywhere, and technology is increasingly changing the way the global community and much of society interact with one another. At the same time, this has created the need for literally millions of new professionals ready to safeguard the computers of the world and enhance security measures designed to keep information safe. At the same time, organizations the world over depend on new technology to maintain a competitive edge over others and to draw consumers in by offering them exactly what they want. This is an evolving and fluid industry that many young people are flocking to today.

Eligibility Requirements

If you desire to study Computer Science and Information Technology in the United States, then you will want to begin the planning process by understanding the basic admission requirements that you will need to meet. First, note that there is not a minimum age requirement to study in America, but you need to have graduated high school from an accredited and recognised programme abroad. Your transcripts will also likely be checked as well. As an international student, you will be expected to heave earned a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0 throughout high school, which amounts to a solid ‘B’. Given the highly competitive nature of this field, you will want to aim even higher if you desire to gain admission into one of the top schools.

As all instruction will be in English, you will also need to demonstrate to the school you are applying to that you are well versed in the language. You can do this by earning a minimum score of 6.0 on each strand of the IELTS exam, or a minimum overall score of 565 on the TOEFL. Some universities may also choose to grant you conditional admission, as long as you passed their internal exam, which is usually verbal in nature, so keep that in mind as well.

Cost of Studying Computer Science and IT in the United States

Once you have decided which university you would like to study Computer Science and Information Technology in the United States, you will need to begin planning for the cost. Each state is permitted to set their own fees for university studies, and keep in mind that private schools are typically more expensive than public ones. Remember that public universities in America are among the top rated schools in the world. On average, an international student will need to plan on about USD45,000 per year to study in America. This is inclusive of tuition, housing, additional course fees, travel expenses, and any miscellaneous items that you might need to purchase along the way.

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