Study Creative Arts & Design in Germany

The Creative Arts and Design sector has plenty of job opportunities ranging from actor and illustrator to fashion designers and makeup artists

Germany is home to some of the most historical, interesting, and beautiful cities in the world. International students can live in or visit Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Dresden. Although Germans are known to take themselves seriously, Germany as a country is anything but boring. Enjoy craft beer, festivals, and gorgeous architecture.

German degrees are highly respected by employers around the world. Germans are known to take their education and careers seriously. People should never underestimate the value of a degree in Germany.

Eligibility Requirements

Proficiency in German may help you during your stay in the country, but it is not necessary for admission. Most international classes are taught in English. Students do need to obtain a valid visa, residence permit, proof of financial resources, and proof of health insurance to study in Germany. Some of these documents may also be checked upon entering the country. If you need to get these documents, you can visit the German embassy or consulate in your home country.

Students need to take a university entrance qualification exam to study in Germany. Many countries have their students take similar exams when they finish secondary school. In order to find out if your exam results are accepted at German institutions, you can contact your secondary school. Even if you have completed a similar exam in your respective country, you may need to take this exam to study in Germany. Many German universities like international students to take an aptitude test to predict how likely they are to finish their degree.

Cost of Studying Creative Arts & Design in Germany

Bachelor’s degrees in Germany typically cost between EUR 12k and EUR 20k per year. However, international students should remember that some scholarships are available.

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