Study Engineering in New Zealand

Forty types of engineering degrees with approximately 10 different job fields, thus plenty of choice!
There are eight universities in New Zealand, of which six offer engineering degrees. Besides universities, you can find institutions such as polytechnics as well. There are sixteen of them in New Zealand and all offer engineering programmes, too. In most countries the undergraduate programme will take just three years, but in New Zealand the duration for engineering is four years. Studying Engineering in New Zealand will give you a worldwide recognition thanks to the Washington Accord. This accord is an international agreement for professional engineering degree programs.

Eligibility Requirements

Studying in New Zealand will require you to begin preparations early in order to meet the requirements set by the education system in New Zealand. The admission requirements will vary depending on which university you wish to apply for. As maths, Physics and Chemistry are an important part for an engineering degree, it is advised to look at the requirements for these three subjects. You will also need to prove your proficiency in English by having a minimum of 6.0 in IELTS or a minimum score of 80 in TOEFL.

Costs of studying Engineering in New Zealand

As mentioned before, six of the eight universities in New Zealand offer Engineering. Each university has their own tuition fees. Moreover, tuition fees are not the only important costs you will have. You will also need to prepare for the living costs such as housing, food, transport, and personal expenses. In overall, New Zealand is ought to be cheaper than the United Kingdom and the United States, but still more expensive than India or Malaysia. The average living costs in New Zealand – depending on your lifestyle of course – will be approximately NZ$ 15,000.Source: UniversitiesNZ

Don’t forget to look for scholarships in New Zealand as there are a few available for foreign students!

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