Study Health and Medicine in New Zealand

The population in the world has been increasing rapidly and thus the demand for a lot of goods and services as well. One of those services is health and medicine, a service that cannot be unmissable, as everyone needs medical help if not soon then definitely later.

New Zealand has eight universities and most of those universities offer different courses in Health and Medicine. It is important to do your research and see what institution and course attracts you the most.

Eligibility Requirements

The general admission requirements for international students include a completion of a qualification that is equivalent to the entrance standard of a university in New Zealand or by completing a foundation programme first in New Zealand before applying for a higher degree. Also, foreign students whose first language is not English need evidence of their English proficiency. Mostly, universities will ask for a IELTS or TOEFL certificate.

In order to study Health and Medicine in New Zealand, you must have knowledge in either Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Mathematics. Not all universities require a background of these subjects, but it is highly recommended as you will get a lot of lectures about these subjects.

Costs of studying Health and Medicine in New Zealand

The tuition fees will depend on the university you want to attend and on the course you wish to take. Summarising the costs of all the universities it will vary from NZ$ 32,392 to NZ$ 63,720 per year. Besides the tuition fees, university will also require administration fees for international students and registration. It is recommended to contact the university and ask for the exact information.

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