Study Hotel Management and Hospitality in Germany

Take a peek into one of today’s fastest growing industries and see how you can be part of the Hotel and Hospitality Management in the future.

Hospitality is one of the fastest growing career fields that you’ll find in the world today. Whether you want to spend a few years studying abroad before going back home to open your own bed and breakfast or work for a local tourism board, you might find that moving to Germany is helpful. Germany is a popular destination for travelers from all around the world. They come to see the historic sites that let them learn more about World War II, for the fun and exciting festivals that take place every year and for the gorgeous museums. Studying hotel management in a German school will teach you how to run and operate a larger hotel or a smaller motel.

The main reason so many international students choose to study hotel management in Germany is because it puts them on the forefront of the hospitality industry. These programs offer courses designed to help you run your own hotel or manage a tourism business for an employer. You might take classes on marketing that business to travelers, using social networking to get more bookings and managing and leading your employees. Many of the top German programs have some type of work experience class as well. This gives you the chance to work for an actual tourism or hospitality company in Germany to develop some practical skills. You might work for an event planner, a hotel, a museum or even a restaurant.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements to study in a German school depend on the type of program you want to study. Colleges that offer bachelor degree programs usually require that applicants have a high school diploma or the equivalent of such a diploma. If you want to move to Germany and enroll in a graduate hospitality program, you’ll need to show that you already graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Most programs require that you complete an application packet that shows why you want to study at that school and what you want to do in the future with your degree. You’ll also need to show that you live in an English speaking country or that you are fluent in the English language with a high score on the TOEFL.

Cost of Studying Hotel Management and Hospitality in Germany

The cost of completing one of these programs is around $13,000 USD a year or $39,000 USD for the entire length of the program. Graduate schools generally charge more, and you may pay $24,000 USD to complete a one year hotel management program. Check with each school and program about scholarships and financial aid for international students.

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