Study Hotel Management and Hospitality in New Zealand

Take a peek into one of today’s fastest growing industries and see how you can be part of the Hotel and Hospitality Management in the future.

With more and more people deciding to travel every year, the demand for qualified and professional workers in hospitality-related businesses has never been greater. From Asia to Europe and everywhere in between, hotels and tourist oriented related operations are opening up in earnest.

Businesses in this field have a lot of competitors and therefore they try to stand out by modernising and incorporating new operating techniques. This requires a constant stream of new professionals entering the field, hopefully you will be among these new professionals! Many colleges and universities have been ramping up their curriculum offerings in this area, and a record number of students are taking advantage. If you are interested in this industry, then you might want to study hotel management and hospitality in New Zealand.

Eligibility Requirements

Studying abroad can certainly be exciting and life altering, but it also requires dedication and planning ahead of time. There are some requirements that students should be aware of prior to sending off their applications. This begins with ensuring that proper marks are obtained during secondary school. Most university programs in New Zealand will only consider students that have earned, at minimum, a General Certificate of Education at an Advanced Level. To do this, at least three A-Level subjects must be attained, and more are recommended in order to have your application to be viewed favorably at some of the more competitive institutions.

Beyond this, students who want to study hotel management and hospitality in New Zealand need to demonstrate a certain level of proficiency in the English language. Earning a minimum passing score of 6.0 on each strand of the IELTS exam can do this. Naturally, a higher score is recommended, so consider taking the exam multiple times in order to improve each time. For students who are able, it is also accepted to attend an English immersion program in New Zealand. Upon successful graduation from such a school, the application of a student will be viewed a bit more favorably as well.

Cost of Studying Hotel Management and Hospitality in New Zealand

The cost of studying abroad is another factor that should be taken into account. If you wish to study hotel management and hospitality in New Zealand then you will want to plan on an annual tuition fee of roughly $25,150 NZD. This accounts for the cost of an undergraduate degree program. The average annual cost for a Master’s program is currently $26,800 NZD. In addition, plan for miscellaneous course fees, travel expenses, and costs associated with housing and food.

Deciding to study abroad is a decision not to be taken lightly. There are certainly many advantages to weigh in. With proper planning, success can be yours- so embrace the journey.


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