Study Hotel Management and Hospitality in United States

Take a peek into one of today’s fastest growing industries and see how you can be part of the Hotel and Hospitality Management in the future.

There is a growing demand within the global hospitality and tourism industry for qualified English speakers. Nearly every region is experiencing growth in the tourism sector, such that the need for qualified management personnel is like never before. To be successful in your career endeavors, however, you need to have a professional degree from a well-respected institution of higher education. If you have ever considered studying abroad in the United States, now is the time to begin the planning process.

Eligibility Requirements

There are literally hundreds of top notch and internationally renowned colleges and universities throughout the United States, attracting thousands of foreign students each and every year. If you desire to Study Hotel Management and Hospitality in United States, you are not alone. Coming from another country, there are numerous opportunities for you, so you will want to narrow your prospects down to three or four schools that really interest you. As you do so, there are some admission requirements that you will want to be well aware of, and you will want to plan for expense associated with studying abroad.

While private educational institutions in the United States vary widely both in terms of admission requirements and cost, most public universities have similar expectations. That begins with you having earned a high school diploma from an accredited and regionally recognized high school. Most universities will also check your transcripts from secondary school to gauge your academic potential. International applicants are generally expected to have earned a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average using the American system of grading. This amounts roughly to a ‘B’ average. Most universities in the United States do not have a minimum age requirements, but you will want to check your specific school of interest to confirm this.

If you desire to Study Hotel Management and Hospitality in United States, there is also an English language proficiency requirement that you will need to meet. All instructions will be in English, so schools will expect you to have earned a passing score of 6.0 on each strand of the IELTS, or a minimum overall score of 565 points on the TOEFL. Some schools will also accept the Pearson Test of English, and all schools reserve the right to verbally test your English upon conditional admission just to confirm that you are ready.

Cost of Studying Hotel Management and Hospitality in United States

If you have a strong interest to study in United States, you have to prepare for the expenses, as it is quite an investment. It is important to note that each state has different fee structures, but you will want to plan on just under USD45,000 per year, including all tuition, housing, meal, and travel related expenses.

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