Study Humanities and Social Sciences in New Zealand

This degree covers a lot of research , such as quantitative analysis and analysis regarding the cultural societies.

The Humanities and Social Sciences study how art, music, religion, culture and history have shaped our modern world. The Humanities focus on art, literature, religion and music, while Social Science focuses on anthropology, archeology, politics and civilizations. This is why even though these two fields of study are different, they are often studied together as each complements the other.

This course of study is one of the broadest in New Zealand and gives you several options to pursue as a post graduate. You can can choose to either pursue higher degrees or begin a rewarding career immediately after you graduate. Career choices depend upon which branch of the Humanities and Social Sciences was emphasized in the student’s major. For example, a student who concentrated on languages can find an exciting career as a translator or specialize in teaching English as a second language.

Eligibility for Admission

Each university may have different admission policies, but here are some general guidelines for acceptance. The first requirement is for the student to prove they have successfully completed a secondary school that has provided an education that meets the university entrance standard.

The student must also get a minimum score of 6.0 in an English proficiency exam. Again, the testing requirement may vary according to which school is taking the student’s application.

Cost of Studying Humanities and Social Sciences in New Zealand

The tuition costs for a university education in New Zealand can be quite high and vary according to the school and the field of study. The average cost for humanities and social sciences is NZ$20,000 per year. The international student is encouraged to seek grants or scholarships in his home country to help with these costs.

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