Study Humanities & Social Sciences in Germany

This degree covers a lot of research , such as quantitative analysis and analysis regarding the cultural societies.

In today’s business world, everything is becoming globalized. In order to compete in job markets, people should obtain the best degrees possible. Degrees from schools in Germany are respected by employers worldwide. Germany is also considered to be one of the top countries for international students. Germans are known to take their jobs and education seriously. However, the country is also known for Oktoberfest, beer, and delicious cuisine. Between the food, history, and architecture, people love living in this country. A degree from Germany, especially in humanities and social sciences, is worth the investment. Any student wanting to go to Germany is in for an exciting opportunity.

Eligibility Requirements

Although proficiency in the German language is helpful, it is not required to study in this country. Students must have a valid visa, residence permit, and proof of financial resources upon entering Germany.

People are also required to take a university entrance qualification exam before attending school in Germany. Many people take this exam when they finish secondary school in their respective countries. You can check with your secondary school to find out if your results are accepted in Germany. You may have to retake the exam to qualify to study in the country.

Cost of Studying Humanities & Social Sciences in Germany

Tuition varies depending on which institutions students choose and the degree levels they pursue. For aspiring undergraduates, tuition ranges from EUR 12k to EUR 20k per year. Some scholarships are available.

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