Study Humanities & Social Sciences in United States

This degree covers a lot of research , such as quantitative analysis and analysis regarding the cultural societies.

The United States is home to many world-class colleges and universities that offer humanities and social science degrees. Over 2,000 schools in the United States offer four-year college degrees and almost all of those schools offer multiple social science and humanities degrees. Whether you want to study English in New England or Psychology in San Francisco, there will be a program that accepts international students anywhere in the United States. Plus, if you are applying to graduate school, to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree for example, then you will find many world-class programs across the United States as well.

Eligibility Requirements

Almost all schools require foreign students to have proof that they can support themselves and pay their education costs while they are in the country.

You will need to demonstrate a knowledge of spoken and written English. You must have a Student Visa. Most foreign students will need the F-1 Visa, which authorizes full-time study. There are two other Visa options, but anyone attending a university or a four-year college needs the F-1 Visa.

Before being admitted to any school in the United States, you will need to provide documents related to your previous education. A credential evaluator may have to review your high school transcript or college transcript to compare them with United States education rules and standards. If you are in college now, you will probably be required to prove you are studying at an accredited university.

Cost to Study Humanities & Social Science in United States

If you intend to study Humanities and Social Science in United States, you should always make sure you look at the pricing structure of different universities. Public and private universities differ greatly in price and each state is free to set their own tuition rates. The estimated tuition fee per academic year is USD15,000 to USD30,000 and USD10,000 to USD20,000 in private institution and public institution respectively. However, the cost of study in community college will be around USD8,000 to USD12, 000 per annum. In addition, you should also consider the differences in terms of cost of living from one state to another. The average living cost in United States is approximately USD10, 000 to USD12, 000 per year.

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