Study Mass Communication and Media in Germany

Communication is the most crucial thing no matter what industry or sector. Learn how to effectively communicate and interact with everyone inside and outside the company
Attending university in Germany has the potential to broaden horizons, prepare students for an extraordinary future and connect them with peers and professors who will help them succeed. Studying internationally can help a student interested in mass communication and media to obtain a global perspective on a field that often requires international awareness and contacts.

Cultural heritage and experiences abound in Germany. Students can explore the sites of many influential events in world history in Germany or by taking a short train ride out of Germany into Europe. Modern-day Germany has become a country that welcomes diversity and multiculturalism, and its universities reflect this with almost 15% of the student body population being international students.

Students who come to study mass communication and media in Germany can expect a challenging and rewarding environment. Being immersed in a new culture while learning about communications and media can be overwhelming, but as the student succeeds, it strengthens so that students go on to achieve great things in their career. Learning new languages and making international contacts puts the student at an advantage over students who study in their home country and culture.

International students who study mass communication and media in Germany will be exposed to an international education that includes intercultural communication and language learning opportunities. Students will be challenged to overcome barriers to communication and to build bridges in both their personal lives and professionally. Students who attend university in Germany are allowed to stay for eighteen months after graduation and pursue a job and or career. This can open many doors of opportunity to establish a career in a global company.


Eligibility Requirements

Students who wish to study mass communication and media in Germany should begin by contacting their university of choice to inquire about specific entrance requirements. These usually include an application, interview, past transcripts and proof of eligibility for university study. Upon acceptance, they need to apply for a student visa. The application and details about visas can be obtained from the German embassy or consulate in the student’s home country.


Cost of Studying Mass Communication and Media in Germany

Studying in Germany as an international student will cost about the same as a German student at a German university. Tuition is often free, and students are responsible for their cost of living in the country. In order to obtain a visa the prospective student must prove they have the financial resources, approximately 8,000 euros per year, to pay for their studies and living expenses.

Attending a university in Germany will provide valuable life experience and establish a strong professional foundation from which to launch an exciting career.

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