Study MBA in China

Boost your skill developments, and your salary, job and network opportunities by choosing a MBA course
Graduating with an MBA will help you succeed in the business world. If you are considering an MBA, you have even more of a reason to lean towards international study. The business world has become a global market. The more experience you have with different cultures, the stronger a candidate you are.

A Master’s degree sets you apart when you apply for jobs. A master’s degree in China ranks you even higher. China is known for setting rigorous academic standards. The country’s government has several projects in place to keep the education standards high. An MBA from China will stand out on your future applications.

China is a country with a deep history. Between the culture, delicious cuisine, and modern technology, you will be studying in one of the most fascinating places in the world. Currently, nearly 377,054 international students reside in China. Adventurous, academic-minded youths flock to this enthralling country.

Eligibility Requirements

Each MBA program has its own specific requirements. If you apply to a school with courses taught in Mandarin, you must provide documentation that you are proficient in Mandarin. However, more and more courses are now being taught in English, and you must prove your proficiency in English.

You need a foreign passport and student visa to obtain your MBA in China. You must be above the age of eighteen, healthy, and have completed a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent of one.

Cost to study MBA in China

MBA programs typically last one or two years, and universities’ tuition differ based on each program. MBA degrees range from USD3k per year to USD72k per year. One-year programs typically have higher yearly rates than two-year programs.

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