Study Sports Science in Germany

Sport has created a huge impact on the lives of thousands of people. Not only in the professional sport industry, but in the fitness sector as well

Sports science is a field of study that looks at a number of different aspects associated with the sports industry. You might enter a program with a business focus that looks at how athletes sign sponsorship deals and agreements and how teams make money through ticket and merchandise sales. If you want to work with athletes, you might enroll in a sports agent program that shows you how to work out licensing deals for your clients. You can also take classes that focus on keeping athletes in good shape, coaching younger and older players and even helping those players recover from injuries. Germany is home to several colleges and universities that offer programs created just for students interested in sports science.

Germany is home to more football teams per capita than almost any other country in the world. No matter where you choose to go to school, you might have a football stadium right down the street that lets you take in games between your classes. The country also has other professional teams like basketball teams and athletes who play everything ranging from polo to tennis. Many of these schools have internship programs available that let you actually work for those teams while you are still in school. That might give you the chance to network with professionals and land a job in the field later. Some of these German programs rank among the world’s best sports science programs too.


Eligibility Requirements

German colleges and universities often have the same requirements in place for international students as schools in other countries do. You’ll often need to show that you are proficient in both English and German, and you’ll need to take a language test before you enroll. Some schools also require that you show proof you can afford to pay your tuition and other costs. You can use your personal income as well as scholarships and loan programs to cover those costs. German colleges that offer sports science programs will often ask that you fill out an application before you enroll.


Cost of Studying Sports Science in Germany

The basic type of degree in sports science that you can earn is a bachelor’s degree. Some colleges charge a set rate of around $13,000 a year in American dollars, which may include the cost of living on campus and your meals too. Others charge a rate based on the amount of classes you take, which is usually around $550 or more per class. Graduate programs cost more and may cost more than $24,000 a year. While the cost of going to school in Germany is high, the money serves as an investment in your future.

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