Study Sports Science in the United States

Sport has created a huge impact on the lives of thousands of people. Not only in the professional sport industry, but in the fitness sector as well

Athletes today are performing like never before in the history of human civilisation. We are running faster and longer, jumping higher, and achieving things that were unheard a few decades ago. Much of this is attributed to recent breakthroughs in sports science. We simply understand more about the human body today, and this relates to how individuals can prepare for athletic competition. If this is a field that interests you, there are numerous opportunities for studying at a college or university in America that will prepare for success in your future career.

Eligibility Requirements

If you want to study Sports Science in the United States, you will want to work now to ensure that you meet the minimum admission requirements. This means that you will need to have earned a high school diploma from an accredited and regionally accepted educational institution abroad. Be aware that there is no minimum age required to study at the university level in America, but you do need to have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, or a solid ‘B’ average, in order for your application to be received favorably as an international student.

As the language of instruction will be English, you will also need to demonstrate your proficiency in order to be formally admitted. Most universities and colleges across the United States accept scores from either the IELTS or TOEFL exam. For the IELTS, you will want to aim for a minimum result of 6.0 in each band, while the expected minimum overall score on the TOEFL is 565. Keep in mind that many sports science programs in America are highly competitive, so the better your scores are, the more highly regarded you will likely be as an applicant.

Cost of Studying Sports Science in the United States

When deciding to study Sports Science in the United States, it also important to plan for the expenses of earning a college degree abroad. America has some of the top universities in the world, which certainly serve to enhance your future career prospects, but they can be rather expensive. This is an investment in your professional endeavors, however, so do not let that stop you.

Keep in mind that the United States does not have a set pricing structure for its university system. Public and private universities differ greatly in price, and each state is free to set their own rates of tuition. Beyond that, you will also want to factor in the differences in costs of living from one state to another. Generally speaking, however, you can expect an annual cost of just under USD 50,000 as an international student. This would account for travel expenses, tuition, housing, course fees, food, and miscellaneous items. Plan well and then enjoy your transition to your life abroad!

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