Who studies in Ireland

International student numbers in third-level colleges grew by two per cent to 32,000 in the academic year 2011/12, according to figures from Education in Ireland hence Ireland is welcoming students from all parts of the world.

Ireland may be attractive as an English-speaking country in the EU. The Government wants to double the number of overseas students by 2015 and has targeted Malaysia, India, China, Saudi Arabia, the US and Brazil.

Ireland research shows while seven out of ten language schools students come from mainland Europe – predominately France, Spain and Italy-there was an 80 per cent increase in numbers from South America and the Middle East/Africa last year.


International students in Ireland

Who studies in Ireland

The chart above should help you understand the number of students from other countries, in Ireland. This way you can already know what to be expecting. Since there is a huge number of students from the UK studying in Ireland it already tells you that the education in Ireland must be outstanding. A large ratio of students from China, India and Canada also study in Ireland. An Irish degree is known worldwide and is highly valued all over the world.

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