Why study in Ireland?

Ireland has produced four Nobel Laureates in Literature, and its remarkable history is evident and celebrated throughout the country. Ireland is of course famous for its pubs, which are popular within the students, but there are many other hidden treasures to surprise and delight you.

Ireland has many unique advantages as a study abroad destination. Here are five reasons why you should consider studying abroad in Ireland.

1. No Language Barrier

It helps students improve their language skills and some students have no interest in learning a foreign language but still want the study abroad experience. Ireland is a great location for English speakers that want to focus on their academic interests.

2. Top Ranked Universities

Many of Ireland’s institutions of higher education are internationally ranked, and with many strong programs in a variety of areas, there is something for almost every student. Ireland is ranked 1st of 28 countries in terms of recruiter perception of quality of graduates.  Ireland has 5 universities in the top 300 overall rankings (QS).

3. Experience all of Europe

Students can travel all over Europe for low costs. The advantage of studying in Europe is that it’s relatively easy to get from one country to the next. Take advantage of this by taking a long weekend elsewhere in the UK, or traveling the rest of Europe after your time in Ireland study abroad adventure concludes.

4. Literature

Students, who want to major in Literature, can consider Ireland to be there root starter. For students interested in studying literature (or even just those that appreciate a good book), Ireland is a great destination. Famous authors like Yeats and Shaw called Ireland home.

5. Leading Global Companies are in Ireland

Students have a great job opportunity in one of the highest CEOs of cutting edge companies that the strengths of Irish-educated graduates are crucial to their decision to establish in Ireland.  These include companies like Boston Scientific, Apple, Intel, Pfizer, IBM, Citi, Facebook, Yahoo, Google and LinkedIn as well as eight of the world’s top ten ICT companies. So there are a lot of opportunities for foreign students to find jobs in outstanding companies.

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