Work opportunities in China

China had 1.15 million college graduates. Now the number is more than six times that. Recent reports said China produced a record 6.99 million graduates this year, and only a few percent of them had a difficulty in finding jobs. “Maintaining a steady job market will be a long-term and arduous task,” the reports said, adding that the number of workers between the ages of 20 and 59 will peak around 2020.

Work opportunities in China

China does have a very large number of graduates each year and their objective is to even double that and at the same time students want to specialize in different fields because they know that the economy will require those skills. For instance, students who study finance in China because they believe that it’s a country where its financial industry needs a lot of development which means it will offer various opportunities.

There are a multitude of trade and investment opportunities for students in the China market. Some of the major sectors currently experiencing rapid growth are: processed food and beverages, gambling, transport, IT and telecommunications, minerals and energy, environment protection, building construction products and services. Three of the major growth industries though are the exporting of education, processed food and wine products. In China, students have tons of business opportunities and China’s economy promotes business activity highly and students can always start something of their own and the outcome is excellent. It gives them a whole different prospective.

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